Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit Settlement


Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. has agreed to fund a $2.37 billion Actos lawsuit settlement that could resolve thousands of product liability claims filed on behalf of individuals who allegedly developed bladder cancer due to their use of the Type 2 diabetes medication. If the Actos settlement is approved by the majority of claimants, it would be one of the largest drug litigation settlements in U.S. history.

You may be eligible to participate in this settlement program if you or a loved one used Actos prior to December 1, 2011, and were diagnosed with bladder cancer. The nationwide law firm of Bernstein Liebhard LLP is currently representing numerous Actos lawsuit plaintiffs, and our attorneys are providing free legal consultations to any individual who believes they could be entitled to compensation under the newly-announced settlement program. To discuss your case with our legal staff today, please call .

Actos and Bladder Cancer

Takeda Pharmaceutical has been named in some 9,000 Actos lawsuits that accuse the company of ignoring or downplaying the drug’s potential to cause bladder cancer. Claims began to mount in U.S. courts in June 2011, when the U.S. Food & Drug Administration ordered Takeda to add new information regarding its association with the disease. The agency acted after interim results from a 10-year study suggested that taking Actos for more than 1 year could double a patient’s risk of developing bladder cancer.

By the time the Actos lawsuit settlement was announced by Takeda on April 28, 2015, more than 3,500 bladder cancer claims had been filed in a federal multidistrict litigation underway in U.S. District Court, Western District of Louisiana. More than 4,500 cases were pending in various state courts, including Illinois, West Virginia, California and Pennsylvania. Nine lawsuits had gone to trial, three of which ended in defense verdicts. However, five juries found the company liable for patients’ injuries, though the judges hearing two of those cases ultimately decided in favor of Takeda. The litigation’s largest verdict came in April 2014, after the jury hearing the federal proceeding’s first bellwether trial awarded the plaintiffs more than $1 million in compensatory damages and $9 billion in punitive damages. However, that award was later reduced to $36.8 million.

Actos Settlement Terms

Takeda Pharmaceuticals announced on April 28, 2015 that it would take a $2.7 billion charge to fund the Actos settlement program. The company did not admit any liability in agreeing to resolve the litigation. The accord will become effective if 95% of plaintiffs agree to it. Takeda will add $300 million to the settlement if at least 97% of those eligible to participate do so, which would bring the total payout to $2.4 billion.

The Actos bladder cancer settlement provides a payment of more than $296,000 per eligible claimant. However, certain factors, including a patient’s age, smoking history and exposure to toxins, could result in a reduced award. Those eligible to participate include individuals who used an Actos product, including Actos, ACTOplus Met, ACTOplus Met XR, or Duetact, prior to December 1, 2011, and who were diagnosed with bladder cancer prior to April 28, 2015.

Learn More About the Actos Lawsuit Settlement

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